My Spiritual gift is sight. Here I talk about some of the ways I have experienced clairvoyance. Enjoy

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

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Death of Ego and Back?

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These reviews are from Balboa Press store

Wow! Definitely a “can’t put it down until I finish it” book! A guiding light for readers trying to find clarity in their own lives, this is a story of great triumph, love, and spiritual enlightenment. I purchased the eBook, but will go back and get the softcover, too.

Words tend to have powerful meanings. For instance when I was growing up we were not allowed to use the word hate,especially when using it towards another person. My mom would say “You don’t hate them. You just dislike them right now.” Love is another strong and powerful word. It can bring some heartache but when used right it can bring feelings of great happiness.

In Angel Works Soaring From Abuse To Love, Forgiveness and Enlightenment all of Barbara’s words are powerful. She will open your eyes to the spirit that lies in you. She tells her story so you can she is not perfect and she goes through normal everyday struggles. Barbara just does it in an enlightened way. Angel Works can and will change your life for the better but it’s up to you to keep and open mind and heart. Let your inner white light burn bright.

Barbara radiates positive energy where ever she goes and it shows through her words. She loves to help people even if it’s not directly or just by someone reading her book.

I am very excited to see what she will write in the very near future…………

Thank you for becoming a good friend.

Barbara T.